Jean Luc Benhaim, a French national and biologist by profession, instantly fell in love with India when he first visited the country. At the time, he owned pathology labs in Paris but found life there to be incredibly hectic and stressful. Realizing that he desired a less stressful and more fulfilling life, Jean Luc made the decision to do something different.

During his vacation in India, Jean Luc came across a piece of land in Jaipur that captivated him immediately. Recognizing its potential, he saw the opportunity to create something unique and special. Setting up a resort became his goal, and he knew that to succeed in the competitive market, he needed to offer something distinctive—a concept he termed "Unique Localisation."

From the very beginning, Jean Luc and his team at Buena Vista Resort decided to deviate from the norm. Instead of constructing regular resort rooms, they opted to build villa suites spanning 80 to 90 square meters, complete with magnificent private gardens and swimming pools. Their aim was to set a benchmark, constantly pushing themselves to exceed expectations and competing with their own achievements. Jean Luc's journey from owning pathology labs in Paris to become a resort owner in India showcases his desire for a more fulfilling life. By embracing the beauty and opportunities presented in Jaipur, he embarked on a path that allowed him to combine his love for India with his aspirations for a peaceful and successful venture.

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Our Vision & Mission


Buena Vista Resort is the brand that goes out of its way to deliver authentic and enriching experiences that make their world feel bigger. The promise is a outstanding amenities & service with a true passion for the environment. In a world where guests require proactive, customized service, Buena Vista delivers much more. Sophistication and personalized service with modern facilities, and all packaged together with minimal impact on the environment.



Our vision is to continue to apply and set the highest standards of product & service quality and we aspire to be the most preferred Luxury Resort, Nature sensitive Resort Brand, through innovative products and services. We use and constantly introduce environmentally friendly technologies and processes in order to remain in balance with nature.

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